Christmas Tree

Topics: Christmas, Christmas tree, Tabby cat Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: November 27, 2006
Since I have been a young girl, I have anxiously awaited that special time of year when family gets together and everyone seems joyful and serene. As the snow falls lightly on the ground, one can sense a special atmosphere in shops, restaurants, and even on streets. This special holiday is based on a crucial time in religious history. Consequently, our society has passed down traditions to commemorate the Christmas season, a significant religious holiday. Beyond a doubt, my favorite holiday is Christmas. During this festive season, I love the fact that everyone is guaranteed to hear festive carols. Also, it is one time of year when people are searching for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones because it is a season when giving is more important than receiving. Mostly, I can't think of anything more exciting than the idea of the entire family decorating a Christmas Tree and wrapping presents in beautiful wrapping paper and bows. Almost everyone celebrates Christmas, and every family has their unique traditions which they joyfully anticipate. Some families set up their Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving while other families wait until the day before Christmas Eve. Traditions are important because they leave a lasting impression on a family for a lifetime. As family members grow up, they will remember how the crispy snow crackled under their boots and how the rainbow colored Christmas lights illuminated the beautifully decorated house that was adorned the night before. Although there are many different ways to decorate a Christmas Tree, I want to share with everyone how my family enjoys this custom year after year. First of all, my father rummages through the garage to find the two large, green, plastic containers in which we store our Christmas Tree. At this point, the whole family helps him carry the heavy containers upstairs. Then we rearrange the furniture so that we can assemble the tree right in front of our bay window in the living...
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