Christmas: Theme for Design

Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: August 20, 2013
FCD 1205-1

Santa Claus, pine trees, gifts and snow. Those are a few of the symbols representing Christmas, a holiday celebrated by the Christians on the 25th December of each year. For our final project for 3D design, this is basically our theme for our design; Christmas.

The first thing that comes to mind for me when “Christmas” was mentioned during our first class was, as most would, Santa Claus. Since using any of the main symbols of Christmas as the subject for our project was not encouraged, I went on with the closest thing to Santa Claus which is his sleigh. Other symbols didn’t really come to me as a strong subject as I love the concept as how Santa Claus travels to each house around the world within one night to provide gifts to the kids. In what other way does he travel than using his sleigh? And without it, basically there’s no point anymore. Santa Clause can’t get anywhere, and the kids wouldn’t get their Christmas presents.

I wanted to at first make a sculpture of a sleigh made of coiled wires. The thing about that though, it is too literal and there are so many of them already made by different artists all around the world. And manipulating the sculpture would be a little hard to make it different from other sculptures. Therefore I moved on and started to develop new ideas though not running away from using the sleigh as an inspiration. With the help of my lecturer, I started to realize I should make a product instead of a sculpture. I focused more on a new idea which is a chair with the elements of a sleigh embedded to it. Developing ideas through researches, I came up with a new design which is building a chair with the design somewhat close to a sleigh using metal. The problem I had to encounter with this design was it didn’t portray much of the Christmas feel I wanted. The other problem was that I couldn’t find a provider for the material I wanted and mending the material would’ve cost me more...
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