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Christmas Spirit

By nivholecutyr Dec 05, 2013 430 Words
Nichole Baba
Period 3
The Christmas Spirit
If you asked 10 random people what the “Christmas spirit” is I guarantee you would get 6 or 7 different answers. These answers would probably have something to do with spending time with family, or having that warm feeling inside as you sit around a fire on Christmas Eve with your loved ones. But I think there is more to it than that. Going beyond those different answers there is something that makes people a little more selfless. This would be the ones who have nothing this Christmas. The ones who ask for food or maybe a winter coat; those faces behind the tags on our giving tree here at Marian. That’s honestly the one thing I think about most at Christmas time. Even though most people say they want to help those people, do they really? That’s always been a question I’ve pondered in my head… Are we truly helping these people?; or do we make an excuse up in our head that sounds good to us so we don’t have to help those in need? If you were to ask me what the “Christmas spirit” is I wouldn’t say spending time with my family, or opening and giving presents on Christmas day. I would say something else. That something else would sound a little like seeing the smile on a little girl’s face as she received a winter coat, or listening to people fill their stomach’s with a warm meal at a soup kitchen, or watching parents’ faces become delighted seeing their little children get a picture with Santa and a toy out of a big red box that says “Toys For Tots”. You see, that’s what Christmas should be about..Not receiving; but giving. We are so caught up with the glitz and glam of today’s technology and new devices that we forget about these things. We are too preoccupied with how much money we could spend on Christmas. It’s sad that we don’t help the needy as much as we used to. Instead we go out and spend money on ourselves. So, now I will ask you…“What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?” Before you answer, stop and really think about what you want to do to possibly change a life. Just think about the expression that you might get to witness when you give someone something that truly needs it. It might inspire you to do something greater, and continue on with the “holiday cheer”. Now, say your answer…

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