Christmas Carol: the Ghost of Christmas Present

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Christmas Carol
The Ghost of Christmas Present

Ghost : Come in, Scrooge! Come in! Come in and know me better, man! I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. Look upon me! You have never seen the likes of me before? Scrooge: Never.
Ghost : Have never walked forth with my elder brothers?
Scrooge : I don't think that I have. You have many brothers? Ghost : More than 1,800. 1,842, to be exact.
Scrooge : I see you wear a scabbard, but no sword.
Ghost : Indeed. Peace on Earth. Good will toward men.
Scrooge : Spirit, conduct me where you will.
Ghost : Touch my robe. What's happening? What are you doing? Very strange. Scrooge : Indeed. Not many mortals are granted a heavenly perspective of man's world. Ghost : Yes. It's quite beautiful.

Scrooge : Spirit, these poor people have no means to cook their food. And yet you seek
to close the only places in which they can warm their meager meals every seventh day. Ghost : Hear me, Scrooge. There are some upon this earth of yours who claim to know me and my brothers, and do their deeds of ill will and selfishness in our name. These so-called "men of the cloth" are as strange to me and my kin as if they never lived. Charge their doings to them, not us. Scrooge : Aye. I will.

A boy: Smell that? Cooking goose!
A girl: Come on!
Scrooge: I take it this bleak paupers' dwelling is of some significance. Ghost : It is all your loyal clerk can afford for his meager 15 bob a week. Children: Mother! Papa! We just came by the baker shop. And smelled our goose,

cooking delicious.
Wife of Bob: Shut the door, please. What happened to your precious father? And your brother. And Martha, she wasn't as late last Christmas Day. Martha :Mother, here she is, Mother. Here's Martha.

Wife of Bob: Martha! Wait till you see our goose. 'Tis a wonderful one. Peter, off with you to the baker's and collect the bird. And take the children with you. And pray, no dallying. Wife of : Why,...
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