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Topics: Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol Pages: 6 (2027 words) Published: November 5, 2013
 Charles dickens A CHRISTMAS
Ebenezer scrooge… England’s most tightfisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! Secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.
Ebenezer scrooge is a man who wishes the world would leave him alone. Scrooge is all about business. He says no to the invite from his nephew who is his only relative. But then scrooge got a visit from his old business partner Jacob Marley. He tells Scrooge if he doesn’t change the way he is living he will spend eternity making up for it. Then three ghost visit scrooge and tell him what he has been doing wrong in his life .Scrooge lets out his feeling and learns that charity and love will save him from what Jacob warned him about.

Bob Cratchit is scrooge’s clerk. He is a very kind man. He has a son named Tiny Tim who is very sick but has no money to pay to get him treated because scrooge gives him low salary. He thinks that he should be more kind to hiss employee to save Tiny Tim. Jacob Marley used to be scrooges business partner until he died 7 years ago. He comes as a ghost to warn scrooge about his future if scrooge doesn’t change the way he is living. Frezziwig was Scrooge’s nice employer.

Belle is a young woman who once was in love with and loved back by scrooge. But the love for money replaced her. So belle moved on and got remarried.

Fred is scrooge’s nephew. Fred is never mad at scrooge even if he tries.

The ghost of Christmas past is the one who shows scrooge his past. He makes Scrooge realize that he has changed a lot from when he was young. And that he has turned from people to money.

The ghost of Christmas yet to come shows scrooge how he will die. Scrooge begs the ghost to tell him that will change if he changes, but the ghost of Christmas yet to come doesn’t tell him. Tiny Tim is Bob Cratchits son. Tiny Tim is very ill .February, 7, 1812. He was the second born Charles Dickens was born on February, 7, 1812. He was the second born of eight other children. His mom taught him how to write letters and to read from lots of the books his dad had. His dad worked as a clerk in the navy pay office. When his father was in debt his family moved to the Marshalsea prison. Charles found work on the household task and got a room for himself on one of the poor streets of London at age 12. He worked for a while labeling black bottles until his father got out of debt. Charles got sent to school for a few years before he came a clerk. After that he moved on from being a clerk to being a stenographer. In 1833 he published his first piece and it came out to be in the monthly magazine. For the next 30years he put out more until he died in1870.

In act 1, scene 1 of a Christmas carol by Charles dickens, the reader is introduced to Ebenezer scrooge by the ghost of his late business partner, Jacob Marley. On Christmas Eve scrooge is busy in his counting house. It is cold, bleak, biting weather outside.

In scene two scrooges nephew wishes scrooge a merry Christmas. Scrooge replies with a bah humbug! Scrooge believes that Christmas is like any other day of the year, a day you still have to pay bills. Scrooge’s nephew thinks that Christmas has done him good. Scrooge’s nephew invites scrooge to his house to dine with him, but his uncle rejects him. Scrooge talks about how he would rather see himself dead than see himself with his nephew’s family. When his nephew leaves he stops at bob Cratchits cage and wishes him a merry Christmas. Then cratchit says to him don’t mind him he is just alone’’ .Then two men walk into the room and ask scrooge to donate to the poor and scrooge...
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