Christmas Break

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Write 250-300 words about your Christmas break (or your ideal break). Please check your final draft for usage and mechanics.

Just like the first day of school, I’m going to write a small narrative on what I did over Christmas break. I had a great Christmas break where I did many different exciting things. I spend a lot of time with my family and helped them with several things such as housework, carwash, doing the laundry, make dinner, helping my mom with house cleaning, buying groceries and etc. I decided to work a few days so I could earn some money, and save up so I can buy my own car. There was not much to do at work, because people were busy with buying gifts and getting ready for Christmas Eve. Some of the days went as weekdays where I hang out with friends, and did fun stuff with them like going to the cinema, shopping, go for a walk in the park and working out in the gym.

My cousin from Turkey decided to visit Denmark, and it was really great to see her after two years. I showed her some different attractions like The Round Tower, Royal Castle here, and it seemed like she really enjoyed it. She especially enjoyed The Walking Street in Copenhagen. She liked all the clothing stores, and the warm waffles that taste really good and are made in some of the places on the street.

Overall I must say it was a great Christmas break, containing all the elements of a good holyday.
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