Christians Restoring the Environment

Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: February 4, 2011
"Go Green," the new slogan that promotes saving the environment is being heard everywhere. As I turn on my television or pass a billboard on the highway. The message is loud and clear that the earth is desperately crying out for us humans to start taking care of our domain. According to Green Living, "Going green is about conserving our resources, finding alternative energies, and innovative ways to keep our rivers and oceans cleaner and our landfills smaller. (Scheid, 2009)

Christians can make a difference in the environment if all the churches in the United States rallied together to promote environmental restoration. I'm aware that our environmental issues are extreme; however, if you have a large organization such as the church pushing the cause to its congregants, I believe we will begin to see a difference in those who make conscious decisions that will attribute to the restoration of our environment.

Targeting individuals and families through the media and ads are positive but I question how affective those streams of influence really are. I know that I have personally not given a lot of attention to, "Being Green." The reason for that is because I don't really understand the importance of individuals making small changes towards these environmental issues, especially when you look at the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It makes me want to ask why we are being targeted. It appears our efforts are useless when big corporations make destructive decision that affect the environment way more than me and my family ever could. I also know that right now my family can't afford to go out and buy energy saving appliances which is a huge expense in this depressed economy. Also, most of the items you can buy that are “green” cost more. Cleaners, paints, materials can add up and really have negative affects on a person’s financial income if you are living on a budget. I have also heard so much controversy around the validity of global warming that I...
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