Christianity vs Buddhism

Topics: Buddhism, Four Noble Truths, Morality Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Critical Thinking Assignment – Buddhism

I. Part One
In part one of this essay I will attempt to answer several questions regarding the overall perspective from which Buddhists see and interpret the world, I feel that the Buddhists worldview can be very intriguing and complex in many ways. In part 2, I will show how the Buddhists worldview creates a huge contrast when compared to a Biblical / Christian worldview.

When it comes to the question of origin, there are several different views and ways that this question can be answered depending on a person’s worldview. For a Buddhist the beginning of the world and life is unimaginable since they believe that the world does not have a beginning or end. Buddhists deny the fact that the world was created at one particular time or date. They believe that the world was created over and over again and will remain until it is ready to break away; they also believe that the world is constantly appearing and disappearing from the universe.

The Buddhists view on identity and or what it means to be human comes from their view of impermanent collection of aggregates. Buddhists believe that we as humans are not static, but kinetic, and continually being in a state of constant and continuous change.

Buddhists believe that the meaning and purpose of man is to remove all suffering by eradicating desire. Their concept of suffering is quite a complex structure of beliefs. The Buddhist sees that the end of suffering is achieved by the Four Noble Truths which are the central teachings of Buddhism. It is believed that Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths when he first experienced enlightenment.

The Buddhists methodology of morality are principles of a moral behavior called the silla. These principles contain instructions to abstain from: (1) the taking of a life (2) stealing (3) immoral sexual behavior (4) lying and (5) intoxicants.

Buddhists view on destiny is that no individual exists through the samsara cycle which...
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