Christianity & Violence: Justifying Killing in the Name of Religion

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Faith Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Most Christian scripture speaks of peace and love rather than of war. Little that is attributed to Jesus really advocates violence; most advocates peace, love, and service to others. How, then, has Christianity managed to be so violent? Justifying violence and war hasn't been very hard, unfortunately. The fact that these religions also offer many statements on behalf of peace, love, and non-violence doesn’t change this. Religions offer contradictory statements on all issues, allowing people to find justification for just about any position within any religious tradition of sufficient complexity and age. Religious belief systems are like any complex ideology or philosophy — which is to say that they don’t force only certain conclusions and no others. When it comes to non-religious belief systems, people have come to terms with this. They may not like it very much, but they accept that differences and disagreements are necessary. Religions, though, don’t typically allow for this and so we have people fighting over the One True Interpretation of religious tradition. This, ironically enough, merely serves to add to the violence. (Book Notes: The Crusades)

By Austin Cline, Guide November 29, 2005

1)-I personally do not believe that there is not religion in the world, which has not been used for to justify wars, violence and crimes. Obviously these religious doctrines have been used as banners to hide behind them, the real reason for the war: "The desire for power of some people", a justification to get what they want. Perhaps, although being the case in most situations, I also believe that people designed to fight these wars, sincerely and genuinely believe they were doing the right thing, that war and violence were the right way to beat people with different beliefs and different gods. Since its inception the Christian religion has been used fear, force, and the punishment for converting or defeats those who practice religions other than his...
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