Christianity Suffering

Topics: Buddhism, Jesus, Nirvana Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: January 21, 2010
There are multiple religions practiced over the world. They each have their different beliefs and cultures that are interesting to observe. One of the most interesting aspects on religion istheir views and approaches on suffering. Two religions that I find have interesting views on suffering are Christianity and Buddhism. {draw:frame}

In the Bible, it pays a good deal of attention to the reality of suffering. Christianity doesn’t disregard and turn a cold shoulder towards suffering like some religions have neither do they deal with it superficially. One of the larger books of the Bible, the book of Job is given completely to this subject. There are also other books for example the books of Jeremiah and Habakkuk that have much to say about this subject as well. Not to mention the New Testament also mentions some very significant passages about suffering also. {draw:frame}

We do know that God suffers alongside us and is good. The evidence in that is that we know that He sent his own Son to suffer for us and through the suffering and death of the apostles. Also another explanation is that it was never in God’s intentions for suffering to come about but it came from our first parent’s bad choice to believe the serpent. Yet another explanation for suffering is that it is never good but God will use it to bring forth good. Suffering many times brings us back to good and He uses it to bring us closer to Jesus Christ. For example when things are good we tend to drift away from God and suffering brings us back to God as we see our true frailty and weakness. {draw:frame}

Some Christians also fast to seek pardon for these misdeeds or to either participate more or fully understand the meaning of their religious teachings. For example fasting may symbolize sharing in the suffering of Jesus. Also people fast during lent to commemorate the forty days during which Jesus fasted in the wilderness. So they fast to try and better relate with Jesus and try and...
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