Christian Worldview Essay

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Supplemental Two

Critical Thinking

Week Two – Learning Activity #5

Recognizing Critical Thinking2
Critical thinking is a productive activity.2
Critical thinking is a process.2
Manifestations of critical thinking vary.2
Critical thinking results from positive and negative trigger points.3 Critical thinking is emotional and rational.3
Components of Critical Thinking4
Component 1: Identifying and challenging assumptions.4
Component 2: Recognizing context.4
Component 3: Explore alternatives.4


Critical thinking is a crucial element of lifelong learning. The concept of lifelong learning is to take both formal education and life experiences and challenge what has been learned for future decisions. The ability to develop critical thinking provides expanded creativity on both personal and career levels. It is that creativity that makes America such a powerful economic structure. Honing that creativity, or critical thinking, improves quality of life and keeps the mind sharp.

The outline provided in this supplemental is based from the article “What It Means to Think Critically”, by Stephen Brookfield.

Recognizing Critical Thinking

It is important to separate the concept of critical thinking from attacks. Students questioning a facilitator or professor do not necessarily mean that the concepts being taught are being attacked, rather students are thinking critically through all the aspects. It is important to not take critical thinking in a defensive manner, but to welcome it with recognition that the recipient is taking the knowledge received and maximizing it.

Critical thinking is a productive activity.

Critical thinking constantly increases awareness. If critical thinking is approached in a negative fashion, the productivity can quickly degenerate into a defensive argument, learning and expanding nothing; however, if it is approached in a positive and productive manner, ideas and...
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