Christian Vs Catholic

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Christianity Vs Catholic

All around the world there are various belief systems. Some religions have similar or different values. Religion can act like a pathway for the many people who practice it. There are many different religions, for example Catholic and Christianity. Even in third world countries there are many forms of beliefs. Homo Religious is very important to humans especially from way back in the palaeolithic era.

Christianity plays a big role in the word and many people practice this religion. Christians believe in only one God which is also known as monotheisms, when a group only worships one God. They believe that God is made up of three persons, the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Everything has to be done by the bible and they do not appreciate when people sin. Christians believe that God died on the cross and was ressurected because of our sins. They believe Christianity is not just a religion, its a relationship with God. According to Karen Armstrong, “ like art, religion is an attempt to construct meaning in the face of relentless pain and injustice of life” ( Karen Armstrong 38). Religions were created and they were a way for people to learn and also finding meaning in the values of one’s life. Christians do not believe in partying, smoking, and or drinking. They also do not believe in harming your body, because you body is a temple and God would not enjoy if you pierce it, harm it, or tattoo it.

Christians go to church every Sunday morning in order to worship God. In church they ask for forgiveness for all that they have done wrong. A lot of Christian churches sing gossip, pray, and recite the bible, and discuss parts of the bible to relate it to the real world. When they first enter the church they take their seats and begin to pray to God in order for him to forgive them for the wrongs. The churches participate in going on retreats together and hold social gatherings which can include meal planning, trip planning, and other various things. They attend church to learn more about God and what he does in the world to make things better, and that God will always be there for them. They also learn how to be more Christian and learn what it takes to be a good citizen. During every service a basket goes around in order for the church to collect money for various funds and organization’s that need help. Christians also partake in drinking wine and breaking bread and eating it. According to Karen Armstrong, “ Religion is hard work. Its insights are not self-evident and have to be cultivated in the way as an appreciation of art, music or poetry must be developed” ( Armstrong 39). This quote tells people that we should not judge each other on different religions, because everyone has a different insight in what one believes.

When one becomes an adult or even a child, the church will allow them to get baptised, and in a Christian church it is called Eucharist. Baptising is a way of cleansing and also a blessing ritual for either child or adult. Christian participate in this because its a way of saying that the person getting baptised is ready to be saved for God. The water that they use is blessed or is also known as holy water. This action is practised by a Christian Priest. Christians will light candles after the ceremony which is meant as a symbol of another member that is entering the Christian church and wants God to be their saviour. Christians also participate in Holy Thursday and they do mass to discuss what Jesus did in the town. Also they have ash Wednesday which means they start lent and they can not eat meat that day and for the rest of the lent time, they can not eat meat on Fridays until Easter. On Easter Sunday there is no mass in any churches in the world, because Christians believe that is when Jesus comes back to life.

Next, Catholic is another religion that is known around the world as well. They believe in...

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