Christian Service Paper

Topics: Want, Walking, Love Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Christian Service Project

As apart of my service, I assisted in helping the community as well as others through the Notre Dame Annual Pilgrimage, Harvest Kitchen at St. Kevin’s Roman Catholic Church and participating in the Notre Dame Walk Against Male Violence. In October of 2010, I walked and raised money for the annual Pilgrimage at our school which involved trudging the distance from our school to the Allenburg Bridge. The money raised assisted those in third world countries mainly going to a facility called Yancana Huasy intended for the use by mentally and physically challenge young adults. The money is also sent to Haiti, Peru and the Dominican. As a volunteer for Harvest Kitchen my responsibility was to help deliver the meals to the people as well as work the handicap elevator in order to assist immobile people. Other duties included clearing dishes, socializing with others, setting up and serving food and drinks. Lastly, I also participated in the Walk Against Male Violence in which I was required to raise money and walk the 5 Kilometers as a method of raising awareness and money for abused women.

As a volunteer helping with Harvest Kitchen I was shocked to realize the amount of people in our community that come from all walks of life, adults, elders, and children that need assistance. These people are people that when looking at them walking on the street you would never know the situations they come from or what they need to do in order to survive. It also helped solidify a previous lesson I learned when it comes to judging others, “you can never judge a book by its cover”. This lesson has stuck with me throughout my life and throughout my service work; a person is a person, no matter the situation or social class they come from. As human beings we all need love and desire someone to relate to. When helping with Harvest Kitchen I knew that we were all equal and the fact that those who needed help were humble enough to seek assistance in order...
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