Christian Scientist

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Christian Scientists

When I was first assigned this report I had no idea what Christian Science was. I researched for hours on the religion, and tried to find anything I could on it. I found out that Christian Science was a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. As quoted from a Christian Scientist " This religion is based on the words and works of Christ Jesus, and draws its authority form the Bible. Its teachings are set forth in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Although a distinctive part of Christian Science is the healing of disease be spiritual means alone, it's higher purpose is universal salvation from every day evil-including sin and death ".

Christian Scientists particularly believe in the healings attributed to him in the New Testament. According to the founder of the faith, Mary Baker Eddy Jesus' healings were not miraculous interruptions of natural law, but the operation of God's power, as seen in spiritual law. She attributed her sudden recovery from a severe injury in 1866 to her "glimpse of the great fact" that life is in and of God. Hence forth, she taught her students through prayer that they could heal sickness. That is why today Christian Scientist turn towards prayer rather than conventional medicine. All by the thoughts of Mary Baker Eddy.

Mary Bakers early years were spent on her families farm in Bow, New Hampshire. Her childhood and much of her adulthood, before 1866, was spent in ill health. Although she was raise with puritan values, daily Bible readings, and even the talk of God's healing power, she spent many years looking for healing in many remedial ways available in her time. There she found no permanent help. In 1866, she was healed from a serious injury as she read the account of Jesus' healings in the New Testament. This led her to discover what she came to understand as the Science of Christianity, which was named Christian Science.

In 1875, she wrote and published Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the handbook of Christian Science (a book which late was published in over 17 different languages and Braille, and in audio cassette, CD, and computerized form. In 1992 she was named one of the 75 books that women wrote whose words have changed the world). In 1879 she established the church, after a vote she took with her student to organize a church designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, and founded various activities and periodicals. In 1892 her chruch was reorganized, and in 1895 the church manual was printed to provide a structure for church government and a blueprint for future development of the religion. In 1910 Mary died leaving behind an entire religion. In 1995 she was inducted into the women's hall of fame.

(All the following information were told to me in a interview with a pastor form the Christian Science Church in Glen Cove)

Christian Scientists do not drink, smoke, or use social drugs because they fell that addictive substances can enslave a person, and the persons moral judgement, and it can impair the persons ability to understand God. Drugs can give the promise of a good life but that is just a hallucination, and drugs can never give the joy of a spritual life. The religion brings about a sense that give peoples the peace and satisfaction founding God and his love. Therefore this frees them from having to rely on any other substance.

Christian scientists use the word science because it is the systematic application of rules based on a fixed principal. Much like Newton's theory. Their ideas sys that we are healed through divine laws. They consider it the Science of Christianity. That Jesus taught to his early disciples. The proof is in changed and improved many people's lives.

Yes, its foundation is the teachings of Jesus Christ. We take Christ's promise seriously, that Christians should heal the sick as well as the sinning, in God's name. Christian scientists agree...
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