Christian Rap vs. Mainstream Rap
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Christian Rap vs. Mainstream Rap

I can't believe the radio is playing some of the music they play and claim its radio friendly. Its not when all you hear is sex, killing, drugs, and so forth. Some may not like rap music, but even people who do claim that rap nowadays is not radio friendly. Christian Rap on the other hand brings forth a new and fresh sound to Rap music while putting Jesus in the center. Most songs encourage young people to do better and make a change to Life and not death. People think that Christian rap are all about spreading the word of god and to convert your to Christianity. If you the Listener actually listened to the lyrics you would change your mind. Christian rap does spread the word of god but it also express how to be yourself. Most songs encourage young people to do better and make a change to their Life and others. Lyrics such as in the song “Make War” Tedashii raps, "I'm filled with the Spirit so tell them dog this is pay back/ as you begin to copy the carbon copies of Christ/ and conform to His written image you should be shinning a light/ if you not, why is that?" He summarizes Romans 8:29 which delves into a Christian believer adopting all the traits of Jesus Christ. Lyrics of Christian rap songs are filled with good incentives and positive lyrics. In the song “Jesus Musik” Lecrae says “everywhere I go people caught up in theyself money cars and clothes. They talk about it all the time and put it in they songs. They drive around and play it loud like it ain't nothin wrong . And all they talk about is sinful stuff, got everybody actin bad thinkin that they a thug”. By this he is expressing how corrupt mainstream rap is, Mainstream rap teaches their listeners how to acts and what to wear. Flame says in “Joyful Noise”, “The light is where I'm running I thought I wanted life, drunk, sexed out and blunted But all I really wanted was the One who really won itFought death, beat it gave His life to the public”. Flame used to be

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