Christian Places of Worship

Topics: Love, Protestant Reformation, Christianity Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: November 3, 2011
"Christian places of worship should be plain and simple?” Discuss. Ollie Gardner

This debate is a very strong subject for certain people and religion. For example the Catholics think that it is right to show their appreciation of god by designing their places of worship with big stained glass windows, huge organs and a big bold altar etc. However the Protestants started out rebelling against the Catholics saying that you should not have to show your appreciation with money and gold but with commitment and feeling should be enough. No religion is right or wrong.

Looking at the Protestant way of thinking about it that places of worship should be plain and simple. I can see many reasons why people do believe in this thought. One reason could be because they think that god does not have to be “bribed” or given these big expensive gifts to appreciate his followers and the people. That merely showing your commitment to him and well being should be enough to gain your love or that you already have his love. God in my point of view is not someone to judge someone by his or her wealth but by his or her actions. Meaning that wherever you worship in a church, at home in your bedroom, on the street in an alleyway with beer cans on the floor is good enough to show your respect and thanks. He does not think of you anymore by showing him and giving him gifts with great wealth. You might be quite poor and cannot afford to do anything quite so big and bold and might just want to do your own prayer at home or anywhere of your choice, which is still fine.

On the other hand I can see why you would want to show your appreciation via: gifts, big services and god plated lecterns etc. It’s like on Valentines Day when you give you loved ones a present, card or gift of some point. I know the feeling of walking in to the Bath Abbey and being blown away by the remarkableness and memorising stain glassed windows that fill the room...
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