Christian Persecution

Topics: Christianity, Religious persecution, Freedom of religion / Pages: 8 (1920 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2009
Christian Persecution Christians are being persecuted for their faith in more than the forty nations around world today. In some nations, it is illegal to own a Bible, to share one’s faith in Christ, and even teach one’s children about Jesus Christ. Those who boldly follow Christ, in spite of government decree or opposition, can face harassment, arrest, torture and even death. Dr. Nhia Vang Vang, the pastor of the First Hmong Alliance Church in Longview, NC, mentioned that Christianity has been persecuted for over 2000 years up until now. However, more Christians have been arrested, harassed, and persecuted in this century than in the previous nineteen combined (Vang). Christian persecution is a world-wide problem, having an effect on every member of society, yet little is being done to relieve the situation. The persecution of Christians today is more than a catastrophic issue; it is the genocide of a countless number believers in various nations. The Hmong people of Southeast Asia are a race of people who successfully rooted itself into American society after enduring centuries of religious persecution. Anna Jones, in a PRLog Free Press Release, stated, “In recent weeks hundreds of Lao and Hmong Christians have been arrested and are being persecuted and summarily executed in Laos; moreover, thousands of unarmed Laotian and Hmong civilians are now being hunted and killed in Laos by the Lao military regime in a massive military mobilization in cooperation with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam…” Christianity has grown more rapidly among the Hmong people now than ever before in history. Thus, the number of persecutions and arrests of the Hmong people is rising. Hmong Christians have suffered from discrimination at the hands of the Vietnamese government for over two decades. According to the Hudson Institute website, hundreds of Hmong Christian refugees are fleeing Vietnam due to religious persecution (“Vietnam Steps”). Pastor Vang added that he

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