Christian Morality

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Review of Religious Education 013 and 023



Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students are expected to: 1. review and connect/relate the salient points discussed in the previous RelEd courses to RelEd 033.
2. realize the relevance of the previous RelEd courses to RelEd 033. Entry Level Test
Write the missing word to complete the following statements. 1. Religious Education is a systematic study of God in the light of ________________. 2. Believing, ___________________, and worshipping are dimensions of faith. 3. ________________ in Filipino is an experience of ginhawa.

5. The _______________ is called to continue the mission of Christ.

InyourpreviousRelEdcourses,youhavereceivedthebasicknowledgeaboutChristian faithwhichservesasthefoundationofourfaith.Thebasicsthatyoulearnedshouldnotbe forgotten, for they are all necessary in understanding Christian Morality. It is very important tonotethatwhatyoucanrememberaboutyourpreviousRelEdcoursesarealltrueandin accordance with the teachings of the Church. A wrong interpretation of a certain Church teaching would affect the community.

A. Review of Religious Education 1
ReligiousEducation,aswedefinedit,isastudyofGodinthelightoffaith.InReLEd 013, we discovered how God revealed His love to His people through Salvation History. And, thishistoryhasbeenunfoldedintheSacredScripture.TheHolyBiblesharesthegoodnewsof 1

Lesson 1

our salvation and our response in God’s revelation- faith. It vividly narrates the faith of God’s peopleinhumanhistorylikethepatriarchs,priests,judges,kingsandprophets. The Patriarchs
The Faith of Abraham.Fromasimplemanoffaith,hebroughtoutnationsthatwould lateronbeprophetsandkingsofGod’sPeople.
Israel and his 12 tribes.GodrenewedHispromisemadetoAbrahamandIsaacthrough Jacob.Hesaid,“I,theLordofyourforefatherAbrahamandtheGodofIsaac.Thelandonwhich youarelyingIwillgivetoyouandyourdescendants.Theseshallbeplentifulasthedustofthe earth.” (look for the bible verse).EvensincannottakeawaythepromiseHemadeforman. God’sfaithfulnessinHisplanofsalvationoverman’sfaultstilldominates.Humanweakness cannot get rid of God’s enduring love for man.

The Judges
The purpose of their stories is to show that Israel’s survival was dependent on their loyalty to God. Victory was one of the consequences of returning to God; whereas disloyalty to God always led to oppression and disaster. It shows Israel’s conviction that evil doing is followed byevilanddoinggoodisfollowedbygood.However,thereismorethanthat:thoughIsraelites experienceddisasterbecausetheyweredisloyaltoGod,butoncetheyrepentedGodisalways readytohelpthem.(TNJB,Ibid.,p.279.MckenzieIbid.GNB,Ibid)(follow the APA style in citing source)

The Kings
Saul the first king of Israel. OldTestamentstoryrevealsthatSaulwaswiththe“Spirit of Yahweh”. This made him achieve the authority of leadership. During his time, there were no taxesimposed,nomilitaryinstitutedandnostructureofleadershipestablished.Thissimpleform of organization

provided the nucleus of forming a new nation. During early years he proved the

positivesuccessofhavingaleaderbecauseSauldefeatedtheAmmonitesandthePhilistines.As agreatwarrior,hemountedaunifiedmilitaryapproachthatdrivesthePhilistinesoutfromthe land of Israelites.

David as the architect of new nation attested God’s guidance for His faithful. The 2

Review of Religious Education 013 and 023

developmentofhislifeasashepherd,turnedintoking’splayerofharp,armorbearer,hisvictory overPhilistinewarrior,namedGoliath,andascensionasakingoftheIsraeliteswere...
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