Christian Dior

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Christian Dior

The Dior Couture fashion house was founded in 1946 by the French designer Christian Dior. Dior was the most influential designer in the 1950’s and held his first couture fashion show on 12th February 1947. The collection consisted of a range of luxurious clothes, soft shoulders, narrow waists and full flowing skirts. This was to be named the New Look. (Fig 1) ‘The New Look’ 1950’s

The New Look was a new concept on life for the post-war era. Dior was correct to assume people wanted change after the deprivations caused by the war. Before the new look, women had to ‘make do and mend’ with the materials that were available; fashion consisted of square shoulders and straight knee length skirts because of wartime restrictions. The New Look was a return to the traditional concept of femininity and glamour. After women had been limited to little availability of materials during the war time, they were now able to buy fabrics such as silk and cotton. (fig 2) ‘Make do and mend’ 1940’s war time fashion

Dior’s couture house was overcome by orders from all around the world as the New Look became a global success. Dior had revived the fashion in Paris for the greater good and presented the new look in places such as America and to the British Royal Family in London. He was then guaranteed success and recognized as having shown a true work of excellence. Throughout the 1950s, Christian Dior was the biggest and best-run haute couture house in Paris. Christian Dior produced more fashion collections between 1954 and1957 which proved to be very successful, yet none of these were as acclaimed as the New Look. As the most famous couture house in the 1950s, Dior attracted a lot of talented assistants. One was Pierre Cardin; an Italian born tailor who showed a lot of potential and strive for fashion before leaving in the late 1940’s to start his own business. Another designer that worked closely with Dior was his young assistant Yves Saint Laurent. After...
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