christian athletes are not role models

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An Explanation of Expectation: Mark Galli’s
“Christian Athletes are Not Role Models”

This past January on the website Christianity today, Mark Galli posted a piece called “Christian Athletes Are Not Role Models”, arguing that even Christian athletes make for poor role models. Mark talks about how professional athletes are glorified for their abilities and are often even more glorified when they make it public that they are a Christian as well. Galli posted the article 3 days before the super bowl which was going to take place February 3rd, as he briefly discusses two stars on the teams that were recognized as gifted athletes and also for displaying their Christian faith. He argues that even though they display this kind of faith they don’t fit the role model standard morally, due to their actions and past incidences. It was a good time to address the topic due to upcoming game and it would get peoples attention since the two athletes he evaluates are key players. Galli uses his judgment and biblical information to persuade Christians that Christian athletes are not role models. Mark, a former pastor for 10 years, has hundreds of pieces on the Christian life, culture and church, but as far as Christian athletes, this was the first. Sparking his interest he states, “as we come to another Super Bowl, we Christians note that the leaders of each team are devout believers. Like any group with strong identity, we Christians are proud that members of our tribe are star players in this extravaganza. Not unexpectedly, when Christians become prominent in athletics, we are tempted to turn them into role models.” He makes the claim that Christians get a sense of vindication when they come across Christian athletes, believing that people like them make a difference. Galli believes that these Christian athletes are in it for their own pride. He states “it’s a desire driven by the need to justify oneself before others. Its called pride, and its one of the seven deadly...
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