Christian and Non-Christian Rational-Emotive Therapy

Topics: Beck Depression Inventory, Bible, Christianity Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: December 4, 2008
Christian and Non-Christian
Rational-Emotive Therapy And Review of Results

This study is conducted to find out if whether CRET is more effective in treating Christian subjects suffering from depression than RET treatment. A group of participants are gathered and separated into two different study groups. One group of participants are treated individually with CRET and the other group with RET. It is found that neither treatment is more effective than the other in treating depression but rather both treatments are equally effective. The exploratory study conducted by Johnson and Ridley studied the Christian form of rational-emotive therapy (CRET) compared to secular rational-emotive therapy (RET) in depressed Christian clients. The problem in this study was to learn if CRET treatment would be more effective in reducing depression in strongly religious clients compared to RET. This study was important to the authors because it was the first attempt to perform both forms of therapy techniques with depressed Christian clients. In these studies the authors came up with three different hypothesis: (a) both CRET and RET would be effective in reducing depression; (b) CRET would be more effective in reducing depression; and (c) clients who go through CRET would rate their therapist higher on qualities such as expertise and trustworthiness than clients who used RET treatment. Once again the overall purpose of this study was to compare both forms of depression treatment with people of Christian faith. The hypothesis is translated into a testable question by testing two different depression treatments (CRET and RET). The operational variable is this study is which form of depression treatment for Christian participants is more effective? CRET or RET? To perform this study the researchers sent out an advertisement for short-term depression counseling and 21 clients were initially obtained. These clients consisted of theology grad students and church...
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