Chris McCandless

Topics: Alaska, Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: January 12, 2014

Chris McCandless
There comes a time in everyone’s life where they start to make decisions. For some this time comes at an early age, some directly after high school, for others it comes after college. No matter what time it comes in your life there is always this realization that you have to become “independent and self sufficient”. Chris McCandless was one of those people who realized this, but took this experience that most people go through and over exaggerated into something that he would not return from.

McCandless was a person who during his college years was kind of separated from everyone. He didn’t have many friends, and he known as being a weird person by other class mates. His family was well off but broken. His father had a son besides him in another relationship. Chris had never really been independent in his life. This is what spurred him to take a trip to Alaska to survive on his own.

In Chris’s quest to become independent and responsible, he actually did just the opposite. Chris had an obligation at home to his family. They put him through college, and raised him. Even though they weren’t always setting the best example for him; families are not perfect. Instead of finding his way in a responsible was, he just dropped everything, changed his name and left without telling anyone where he was. He had no compassion for his parents who did love him. He had no respect for the people around him. He just threw them away like a piece of trash.

Chris McCandless was Irresponsible in the fact that he did not research into methods of survival hard enough. He thought he knew some things which were wrong. He walked into Denali National Park in Alaska with a 22. caliber rifle and a bag of rice. A 22. Caliber rifle would not kill any big game such as a moose or even a deer without multiple shots. Chris resorted to smaller game such as squirrels and such.

Chris didn’t know about the seeds he...
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