Chris Mccandless

Topics: Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Essay Outline 1 Negatives About Chris McCandless

Introduction: Throughout the book of Into The Wild Chris McCandless is known to be a wacko reckless idiot, and is also known to be courageous and heroic. However does a courageous person go out into the wilderness knowing that the outcome will be fatal? People viewed him from different perspectives and also have broad range of opinions of this young man. Some deemed him to be incredibly dim-witted or a man that simply just followed his heart. Evidence shows that Chris McCandless is actually a mix of both. The first opinion that described McCandless was brainless, idiotic, and extremely foolish. Many passages from Into The Wild can support this outlook.

Argument 1: Chris McCandless is very stubborn and arrogant. Chris McCandless fails to see reality and that is one of his tragic flaws this is what ultimately leads to his demise. Chris McCandless doesn’t accept help or advice when given to him. Jim Gallien a union electrician, whom gives Chris a ride to Denali National Park. “He wasn’t carrying anywhere near as much food and gear as you’d expect a guy to be carrying for that kind of trip,”(Krakauer 4). Gallien also try’s to persuade him from going on the expedition because he knows the danger that Chris is blindly trying to walk into. Gallien- an accomplished hunter and woodsman who is experienced in living in the wild is convincing him not to go into the land especially since he is ill prepared for the expedition. “But he wouldn’t give me an inch. He had an answer for everything I threw at him.” (Krakauer 6) This passage is just one example of how stubborn and audacious he is.

Argument 2: Chris McCandless is very delusional, the fact that he runs away from his old life and creates himself a persona (Alexander Supertramp). He bases all his ideologies and gets his notions on how life is supposed to be lived from books, authors, Chris also is lacks common sense. Wayne Westerberg another person meets at...
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