Chris Cunningham

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Department store / Pages: 2 (271 words) / Published: Jul 26th, 2011
Issues - Chris is not following rules and policies. Not sticking to his role as a salesman
Options - Clearly define salesman role. Although Chris is showing excellence at work, it is affecting every other dept. To tackle this, leadership from Elizabeth is extremely important. She needs to show the organization that no one can get away with this type of behavior.
Human Resources
Issues – As far as HR goes, Chris is doing a good job in that he has the skills and enthusiasm for the job. He needs to cultivate relationships with other departments in the organization.
Options – Elizabeth needs to change the structure of the sales department. Each salesman should have a dedicated employee from each department assigned to him. This way she can show that the organization is listening to them and it cares about them.
Issues – Conflict between Chris and other salesmen in the sales department of the organization
Options – Elizabeth needs to hire a commanding Sales Manager/Director for the sales department to keep Chris and the other salesmen in check.
Issues – Having an adverse effect on the culture of the company. Chris is also setting a bad example of how to be the top salesman. Stories of Chris portraying him as a “hero” in the organization are setting a bad precedent.
Options – Elizabeth should instill a culture change signifying a new direction for the organization with her at the helm. A vision of the future needs to be crafted and communicated to the entire organization. Conflict arising from culture change needs to be handled effectively by hiring change managers and change

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