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Frédéric François Chopin
“He had fair hair, blue-grey eyes and irregular but distinguished features, his nose being markedly aquiline. His whole person was characterized by refinement and high distinction….In him we have the unusual spectacle of a proud, reserved and passionate spirit housed in a frail and ailing body….he surrendered himself to the torrent of passionate music which flowed from the piano when he abandoned himself to his inspiration.” (Hedley 72-73). Frédéric François Chopin was born between the 22nd of February or March 1st, 1810 and lived until October 17, 1849. He was a Polish composer and one of the most inevitably mind-blowing pianist of the Romantic era. His father, Nicolas Chopin, was a music teacher and the family moved to Warsaw. Both Chopin’s mother and father were musically talented, and no doubt Chopin inherited much of his talent from his mother, but Chopin started his first piano lesson from Wojciech Zywny. By age seven, Chopin began having public concerts. "A strange adventure befell me while I was playing my Sonata in B flat minor before some English friends. I had played the Allegro and the Scherzo more or less correctly. I was about to attack the March when suddenly I saw arising from the body of my piano those cursed creatures which had appeared to me one lugubrious night at the Chartreuse. I had to leave for one instant to pull myself together after which I continued without saying anything. – Chopin “ (Zamoyski 216) At the age of twenty-one Chopin settled in Paris. He earned his money by selling his compositions and giving piano lessons. He made a long-lasting friendship with Franz List. He had a relationship with Amantine-Lucille-Aurore Duplin, who was a French novelist under the pen name George Sand. Although, George was not faithful to Chopin he was in love with her and was committed to her until he died. Chopin was always a sickly child. Sadly, Chopin died tragically young from a respiratory disease, Tuberculosis....

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