Choosing a Mate

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Sexual selection, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 11, 2008
When it comes to men and selecting a mate, I have noticed that many men, along with myself look for specific traits when choosing a woman to be our mate. In my experience I look for a few things as do many men, the main things that we look for are: easy going personality (sense of humor, not controlling), depending on who you are height for some men they like short girls, but for me being taller I like taller women. Also we want someone who we feel is attractive physically, because no matter how many people say looks are not important, they are. I look for a girl who has similar interests as myself, for example must be a sports fan and athletic, also intelligence is a very large plus, being in good shape, smart, and a good head on their shoulders is the type of person I see myself being with. These things are important because physical health compliments mental health which if both are good it makes for a stable partner, and the fact of her being intelligent makes it much more enticing because it allows for the chance for intellectual conversations to give each person a better knowledge of one another.

According to the textbook the criteria for choosing a mate ranges from physical attractiveness, male and female differences, personality and life success. For the physical attractiveness the text said that studies were done of couples attractiveness rated from high to low and the results were interesting. For those individuals who had higher ratings, had more friends of the opposite sex and they also were less worried about their partner's involvement with others. The next step in choosing a mate is the differences between male choices and female choices. The male choice consists of more emphasis on the physical attractiveness, the female choice consists on more of the personality of the male. One study done from the book was to have a group of men and women rank their preferences on a more serious relationship and a sexual relationship. The results...
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