Choosing a Career in Marine Biology

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In this paper I will research everything there is to know about taking a career choice in Marina Biology. A lot of people say that its not the smartest way to go only due to the fact that there isn’t a lot of job openings in this field. It is a very hard decision whether I should or not hopefully writing this essay will help me decide whether I should go into this field. This essay will give you all the facts about this job.

Marine biology is the scientific study of animals and plants that live in salt water. If you look through this site, you will realize there are thousands of species of animals, plants and algae that live in saltwater habitats. So, the more you think about it, the term 'marine biologist' becomes a very general term for anyone who studies or works with things that live in salt water, whether they are a dolphin, seal, or type of sponge. Some marine biologists do study and train whales and dolphins, but others study them and all the different types of macrobiotic organism at the bottom of the sea. Marine biologist can do various amount of things to be considered one. I want to be a dolphin trainer.

To be a Marine Biologist you don’t necessarily need a degree in marine biology they recommend that you get an undergraduate degree in a science course such as biology at a college that also offers a marine biology course. The undergraduate degree usually can take up to 4 years depending on how high of a score you can get on your SAT. After that it will take you about 2 years to get a graduate degree in Marine Biology. So in total you would spend about 7 years in college if you actually can finish in time and stay focused. Sometimes it might require to take summer classes so that you can finish a lot faster but it will only benefit you.

There are very few schools that offer Marine Biology courses but a few of them are and what exact course they provide, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi [Biology w/ Marine Biology track] BS, MS, PhD,...
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