Choosing Writing as a Career

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Writing as a Career

Writing has been around for centuries, and most cultures use it as a way to communicate. There are all kinds of writing that people can do as a career. The aspects of writing a nonfiction book are very appealing. Many great writers have had their books turned into movies. J.K. Rowling is one of those writers that is successful in turning her Harry Potter series into a blockbuster movie series. The benefits of writing are that people get to share their thoughts with others. Most employers agree that “good writers combine a natural gift for language with an unwavering devotion to their craft” (“Career Writers” 3). People can travel to the place they are writing about for inspiration such as a meaningful setting, or special place. Writers can also use their minds eye to get their ideas down on paper. Although writing a book is hard, and most writers never become famous, it is still a very rewarding career, because one gets to share their thoughts with others, write compelling stories, and travel. Writing has been around for as long as society can remember. A contributor to the article “Writing and Reading” stated, “The earliest writing systems developed out of a pictorial representation of objects, and reading initially represented simply recognizing the symbols. Egyptians and Mesopotamian pictograms date from about 3000 B.C.” (3). This is significant because writers have been around for such a long time, and are critical to the development of our society. There is a lot of arguing on when the first book actually appeared in history. The argument is over what is really a “book.” Is it the story of the story on pages and bound? For the sake of argument the first bound book came to be around two-thousand years ago (“What is the Oldest Book in the World?” 10).

Whether writing a book in ancient or modern times, the day to day task of writing is the same. Authors may start out just thinking about their ideas, and...
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