Choosing the Best Type of Network

Topics: Network topology, Token ring, Computer network Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: July 11, 2006
Choosing the Best Type of Network
They are one types of networks that can be very inexpensive for a network this small and does not need any security. The types of networks I would recommend are Ring topology network with token-passing network. Its very inexpensive and there's not that much hardware to buy for this type of networks. The first one is having a Ring topology network with token- passing. What this is all four computers are connected through network cables that makes a ring. This type of network is very inexpensive because there is not that much hardware to buy for this network. Now how a ring topology network works is all information goes in one direction passing one computer to another. Example of that will be is you want get some information from computer four but your computer one so the request will go through computer one, two and three until it reaches its destination. There are many good advantages to this type of networks and one of them and its easy to troubleshoot if there's a problem with the network. Now one big drawback of this network is if one computers breaks down all the network is disrupted and all computers can not communicate and if the manager decides to expanded the network at a later date it create disruption and create a lot headaches in the long run. But with type of network its easy to find the problem and can be troubleshoot very quickly and when they are adding more computers in the future they should how the going to add it do the network. I will recommend for them to add it after computer number four because like this it wont crate as many problems. The main reason I recommended token-passing in this type of network is avoid collusions within the network. What toke-passing is a special packet called a token is passed among the system on the network. Which this means is one token can be passed thorough a network at a time. This type network helps stop collusion in a network and lag among the network. It helps speed...
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