Choosing the Best Dbms

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Choosing the best DBMS
A frequent question that’s often rised from some DBMS user is probably “How to choose the best DBMS to use over the many numbers of DBMS that’s been released?” TCO- Total Cost of Ownership can be a great guideline to help answering the question. Comparing the TCO’s among DBMSs will help deciding the best DBMS suitable for users. In his research, Curt A. Monash (2008) mentioned that there are number of things that are included in the Total Cost of Ownership to acquire a DBMS : the license fee , maintenance fee ,administrative cost, hardware cost, and system downtimed training cost

To make things clearier here are TCO’s comparison of two popular proprietary DBMSs, Oracle and Microsoft SQL.
For the licensing fee, a comment were echoed in a post by Khan (2011) stating that SQL has a cheaper licensing cost than Oracle which requires additional licensing costs for its complex array of options and add-ins needed to develop, deploy, and manage most large scale applications. In addition to databases licenses, customers automatically purchase maintenance and support as a percentage of the price, usually 20 to 25 percent. So, since Oracle tend to have significantly higher license costs than Microsoft, maintenance costs are most likely to be higher as well. Regarding the hardware cost, Alexander Chigrik (2010) made a brief comparison on the hardware requirement and it seems that there’s no significant difference between the two DBMS, but Oracle products can run on any platform whether it is Linux, Windows, UNIX or Solaris. But to run SQL Server, customers have to buy at least Windows Server licenses plus CALs or processor licenses in addition to the Database, so it should still put in consideration. To be able to operate and maintain DBMS efficiently, of course customers will need training. Alexander (2000) explained that as part of their Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program, Microsoft held Database Implementation, Database...

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