Choosing Teaching as a Career

Topics: Factor analysis, Teacher, School Pages: 15 (3433 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Pertanika 13(2), 275-282 (1990)

Why They Choose Teaching: a Factor Analysis of Motives of Malaysian Teacher Trainees NORAN FAUZIAH YAAKUB
Depmtment of Education Faculty of Educational Studies Universiti Pertanian Malaysia 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor Dm'lll Ehsan, Malaysia

Key words: motives, Malaysian, teacher trainess, teaching profession, factor analysis.

Satu kajian telah dijalankan he atas 210 mung guru pelatih semester heempat yang mengkhusus dalam pengajaran sellOlah ,"endah dar; sebuah mahtab pergu''llan di Kuala Lumpur bag; tahun pengajian 1986/ 87, untu/! mengenalpasti motif mengajar di halangan mereka. Keputusan dmipada analisis faktor menghasilkan ena11/. faktor, tetapi hanya lima daripadanya ditafsirlwn. Faktor 1 menyentuh tentang pe1timbangan peribadi sebab memilih pergurnan; Fahtor 2 11te1'1-)'entuh tentang nilai mengajar; Faktor 3 hal· hal yang bm;fat all''ll;st;k; Faktor 4 merujuk kepada headaan peherjaan yang d;senang;; m,mahala Faktor 5 berhait dengan penganth daripada orang utama. &jJU.tusan lcajian dibincangkan dan segi teori pemilihan pekerjaaan Gim:.berg dan lain-lain karya bertalis yang berhaitan. Keputusan kajian ini mempunyai beberapa implilwsi kepada pemihhan guru-guru pelatih.

A study was canied out on 210 fourlh semester teacher trainees specializing in primary school teaching franz a teachers' college in Kuala Lumpur fOT the 1986/87 academic year, to seek out their motives for taking up teaching. Results offactor analysis produced six factors, five of which were inttnpreted. Factor 1 touches on personal considerations for teaching; Factor 2 on the values of teaching; Factor 3 is altnListie in nature; Factor 4 1'efe1'S to agreeable working conditions and Factor 5, influence 'received from key persons. Results are discussed in relation to Ginloberg's themy of occupational choice and other 'related literature. The findings of the study have several implications on the selection of teacher tminees.

Investigations on the motives for taking up the teaching profession have been going on for more than half a century, mainly outside Malaysia. These studies report on the motives of either teachel- education students (Fox 1961; Richards 1960; Haubrich 1960; Saxe 1969; Ee 1974; Anucia 19SI;jantzen 19S1). or qualified teachers already serving in the schools (Obura 1974; Lortie 1975; Goodlad 19S4). \¥hen recruiting students into a teacher education programme. it is pertinent to find anS\·vers to tWO important questions. First, what inspired these young people to enter the Key to author's l\ame: Noran, F.Y.

teaching profession? Second. are the reasons given by them enough to suggest that they will be good teachers? The purpose of this paper is to identify the motives for taking up teaching among teacher trainees in a Malaysian teachers' u-aining college.

Subjects Subjects for this study were 210 primal)' school teacher trainees from a Kuala Lumpur teachers' college. The trainees were in the fourth (July) semester of their programme during the


1986/87 academic year. The sample comprised 113 males and 97 females from the three major ethnic groups, viz., Malays, Chinese and Indians. Instrumentation Thirty items were specially developed by the reseacher to extract the underlying motives for teaching. The items came from two sources. The first group of items came from the results of a pilot study carried out on two groups of teacher trainees from me Language Institute, Kuala Lumpur, to seek out their reasons for joining teaching. The responses obtained were then compared to the questionnaire used by the Singapore Research Unit (1969). Twenty of the motives obtained from the pilot study were found to be similar to those items in the SRU Questionnaire. Two other items were dissimilar to the Singapore version but were nevertheless included. The second source, involving eight items, was Fox's (1961) questionnaire....

References: ANUCIA, MUTHUCU~IARl. 1981. Motivational Patterns
of Teacher Trainees and Their Relationship to Teaching Performance in the Classroom. M. Ed. Dissertation, University of Malaya. BEST, J. W. 1948. A Study of Certain Selected Factors Underlying (he Choice of Teaching as a Profession. j. E.
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