Choose a Sense to Lose

Topics: Taste, Olfaction, Sense Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: November 3, 2010
When a human is born their senses start to develop from day one, and as they grow they begin to rely on every sense to understand and accept the world that they have been brought into. Through the small aspects of what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste they learn the basics of the world. Every sense has its advantages and disadvantages, and each is special in its own way. Every experience goes into a person’s memory, and when they look back on an experience they remember every sense. If one of these senses were to be taken the easiest sense to lose would be the sense of taste. As a person travels through life the sense they rely on the least is their taste, the disadvantages of taste outweigh the advantages, and losing taste would have the least detrimental effects on the understanding of the world. A person wakes up in the morning to the sound of his alarm clock, feels for the snooze button, and opens his eyes. Smells the breakfast his mom is cooking for him. What sense isn’t used in the first five minutes if his morning? His taste. While this is only one example of how the sense of taste is a minor sense compared to the others, if one were to go through a day keeping track of which senses they use for their entire day taste would be on the list least often. Taste is really only used when eating or drinking, and although it is important to life to eat and drink while living, it’s not something that is done a lot during the day. Sight, smell, touch and hearing are used more often, even during the act of eating or drinking. How does one find a cup with out looking at it or feeling it, they don’t which is exactly why those two senses would have a worse effect on life when lost than taste, leaving taste as the ideal sense to lose if one had a choice as to which to give up. Everything has advantages and disadvantages; sight’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages, the same for touch, smell, and hearing. Taste’s disadvantages outweigh its advantages though. For...
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