Choose Two Major Themes in “the Merchant of Venice”. State What You Have Learnt About These Themes and Their Importance in Providing You with an Understanding of the Play.

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, Portia Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: June 10, 2012
The Merchant of Venice

Choose two major themes in “The Merchant of Venice”. State what you have learnt about these themes and their importance in providing you with an understanding of the play.

In “The Merchant of Venice” the two major themes that have provided me with an understanding of the play are hatred and love. Hatred is important in the play because it helps us to understand the concept of the play by revealing thoughts of the characters and background information about their lives. Hatred also assists the play to display reasons for choices made by characters. The plot of the play has been formed on hatred and love, love being an equally important theme throughout the play. Love creates a greater understanding in the play by giving us knowledge of each of the characters emotions and explains their actions. Connections and relationships between characters are revealed to us through the theme of love. Without love the plot of the play would be weakened and the play would not expose enough passion to allow viewers to completely connect with “The Merchant of Venice.” The importance of hatred within “The Merchant of Venice” is shown by the entire financial plot being based on hatred. The bond was written by shylock with the influence of pure hatred for Antonio. Another aspect of the play that shows the importance of hatred is the conflict between Shylock and his daughter, Jessica. The importance of love within the play is demonstrated by the relationship between the two main characters and the voyage undertaken by Bassanio to win Portia’s hand in marriage. Love as a main theme is also demonstrated by the relationship between Jessica and Lorenzo and their battle with shylock for marriage.

There are two types of scenes throughout “The Merchant of Venice,” the financial scenes and the romantic scenes, hence the two most important themes being hatred and love. Hatred is considered one of the most important themes because the financial plot of the play...
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