Choose and Explain Your Theory and Theorist

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Choose and Explain Your Theorist and Theory

Heather Jones

Rasmussen College

This essay is being submitted on October 25, 2014, for Tosca Grimm’s EC100 Foundations of Child Development class.


Choose and Explain Your Theorist and Theory

There are a lot of child developmental theories that we hear about. The theory that I

connect with the most is called Social Learning Theory. The theorist who came up with this

theory is Albert Bandura (1925). Albert Bandura (1925) later on relabeled his theory as Social

Cognition ( Social Learning Theory is

based on learned behaviors which are based upon a child's interactions with their

environment and influenced by positive or negative reinforcement (Module 02 – Introduction

to the Theories of Child Development and Learning).

Children grow and learn through this theory by constantly watching and imitating

others. Bandura (1925) also believes that children become more selective in the behaviors

that they choose to imitate. One of the components of social learning is self efficacy. Self

efficacy is the confidence in one's ability or characters required to succeed in a given task.

(Theoretical Views of Childhood Chapter 1). Children observe how others act around them

and they choose whether or not they want to imitate that activity. Parents, caregivers,

teachers and friends are all examples of people that children observe and imitate. Also,

through positive or negative reinforcement, children will learn whether the action of another

person should or should not be imitated.

Social Learning Theory connects well with me because...

References: “Bandura, Albert.” International Encyclopedia of the Social Science. 2008. Retrieved October 25, 2014 from
2014. Fundamental Theories of Child Development and Learning/ Theoretical Views of Childhood Chapter 1. Rasmussen College
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