Choices and Expectations for Pursing a Mba

Topics: Master of Business Administration, Business school, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: July 25, 2007
Choices and Expectations for Pursing a MBA

While at work one day I was asked by my boss at the last minute to fill in for one of our financial analysts and attend a luncheon that was being given by a company that was soon going public. It is common practice for us to attend a luncheon given by an IPO name in hopes of establishing some sort of relationship with the company prior to the Initial Public Offering. In this case I sat in a room surrounded by MBA graduates handing out their business cards, while I handed out my boss's business card and listened to them discuss what they thought to be the economic prospects of the company. As I sat there I realized I was able to understand what they were saying because of my work experience but had no idea where there thoughts and concepts were coming from. As they continued rebutting their thoughts I said nothing and felt inferior, and in a sense, stupid. I started questioning what I could do in order for me to be handing out my own business card one day. When I went back to my office I began asking my co-workers If they had their MBA's and realized, if not all, most of them did. Another common thread was each of their responses were positive and they all agreed an MBA helped them to further their careers. It was at that moment that I decided to get my MBA. Now, the only question left to ask was how?

The next day I started researching business schools on the internet. Of course, at first, I wanted to attend the best. I visited the websites of Carnegie Mellon, Wharton, NYU and Columbia. However, I quickly realized that the requirements for these schools were impossible for me to meet. For starters, I would not be able to leave my family and go to business school in another state. I also knew that I had to attend school part time because I needed to continue working in order to help support my family. Being a new mom I barely have time to shower, let alone prepare for the GMAT and attend classes at night...
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