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BACA Hons Chocolate questions No 3

1. Describe the creation of handmade chocolate pralines to include: Cocoa butter decoration
Application of tempered chocolate to the mould
Creation and application of the filling
Completion and storage

Moulds are cleaned with water and dried and then cleaned with cotton wool or tissue to ensure everything is removed from them. The moulds have to be absolutely clean or the chocolate will pick up anything that’s in the mould. They are then sprayed with coloured cocoa butter.

Application of tempered chocolate to the mould.
The correct temperatures for tempering chocolate.
Chocolate variations.
Dark chocolate – bring to 46 down to 29 and back up to 31
Milk chocolate – bring to 46 down to 28 and back up to 30
White chocolate- bring to 40 down to 27 and back up to 29

The chocolate must be tempered correctly and it must be poured into the mould and the excess chocolate is poured out. It is then allowed to set in the refrigerator before a second layer of chocolate is poured into the mould.

Chocolate Type:
Milk Chocolate
Sprayed Dark Red Cocoa Butter
Martellato MA1619 Polycarbonate mould
Length: 29mm Width: 29mm Height: 18mm

Ingredients: Filling x 3 Yield:18 per chocolate mould
X6 = 108
100g Blackcurrant puree
20g Minuka honey +15
150g FT Milk chocolate
20g Butter


1. Bring blackcurrant puree to boil
2. Melt chocolate to 40°C and add the honey, butter and puree 3. Cool to 20°C
4. Place in piping bag and store at 3°C

The chocolate is tempered to the correct temperature depending on which chocolate you are using. The milk chocolate in this case was tempered correctly then poured into the mould. The blackcurrant ganache was then piped into moulds and the tempered chocolate poured over to seal the sweet.

Once completed the pralines are stored in an in plastic wrap. This will protect the chocolate from dust and foreign odours, which will affect its delicate flavour. In a cool place at a temperature between 12 – 18 °C

To prevent the occurrence of fat bloom and the improper re- crystallization of the cocoa butter. This would cause an unappealing appearance and a grainy, crumbly texture.

Artificial light or natural light will cause chocolate to spoil faster. It will cause the cocoa butter pre-maturely become rancid.
Light may also change the colour of the chocolate, especially the white variety

2. List the following pieces of specialist chocolate equipment and state their function.

Function and use

Microwave oven

To melt the chocolate

Temperature probe

To get the correct temperature of chocolate

Cranked palate knife

To spread out the chocolate

Marble slab

Used to cool the chocolate

Heat Gun

Brings it back up to a workable temperature

Plastic Moulds

For making homemade pralines


Mixing the chocolate while being melted

Plastic Jug

Melting chocolate in it

Piping bags

For piping ganache into Moulds

Spray Gun

For spaying chocolate with cocoa butter



3. State two faults and two causes of poorly tempered chocolate, and why temperature is critical during the preparation of chocolate pralines. Fat bloom and sugar bloom are two faults of poorly tempered chocolate. Temperature is important in the preparation of chocolate praline as if the chocolate is not tempered to the right temperature for the particular chocolate, it will not create a shine or snap. Poorly tempered chocolate will not snap, will have a dull appearance and will have a less superior taste.

4. State 3 reasons for fermenting the cocoa beans:
It removes some of the bitterness.
Enhances the flavor.
Prevents the beans from germinating during storage.

5. List 4 reasons for roasting the cocoa beans:
Enhances the flavor.
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