Chocolate Products

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A Report on Chocolate Products
Critically analysis of supply chain Management of chocolate products and how Resource Based View can added value on chocolate product and implications of online price comparison sites.

Executive Summary

Boy or girl, kid or adult almost everyone likes chocolate. In this report found origin of chocolate or cocoa growing countries and how they grow cocoa. Report also shows that how these cocoa beans become chocolate and effective supply chain management systems of chocolate.

Report says that all the big companies like Mars, Nestle and Cadbury earning huge revenues by selling chocolate but on other hand cocoa growers having very low payment. This report brings the dark side of chocolate and positive side as well. In this report secondary data has been used to find out supply chain management and how companies share information in between. This report shows how cooperatives and fair trade foundation playing role to improve farmers’ life style and helping them to get fair pay. Report find outs how companies can reduce their cost and provide better service to the customers’ e.g. Australian chocolate maker Roben Menz going to introduce chocolate recycle machine which will save thousands of pounds every year. Report shows how Resource Based View (RBV) added competitive advantage on chocolate product. Last part of the report shows how price comparison sites affect on chocolate products and who the major comparison sites are. It also shows how these comparison sites become a threat for other companies or for the consumers.

1. Supply chain management and information share01
2.1 Raw material providers to Suppliers01
2.2 Manufacturers and processors02
2.3 Distributors and retailers02
2.4 Cooperatives and Fair trade03
2.5 Research and development03
2.6 Market Information system03
2.7 Impact on cost and service04

2. Resource Based View04
3.8 VRIN Characteristics04

3. Implications of online price comparison sites06
4.9 Threat posed by comparison sites06
4.10 Benefits and shortcomings of the sites06
4.11 Best Comparison Sites07
4.12 Role of eBay search engine and other intermediaries07

Appendix- A14
Appendix- B16

This section will provide clear knowledge about supply chain management systems of chocolate and cocoa product. This report will give better understanding about traditional and online based supply chain management systems. This report will also provide how companies can exchange information and share the views of supply chain of chocolate to improve its quality and reduce the cost. The origin of chocolate comes from the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations in Central America. 'Theobroma cacao', meaning 'food of the gods', was prized for centuries by the Central American Mayan Indians, who first enjoyed a much-prized spicy drink called 'chocolatl', made from roasted cocoa beans (Cadbury, 2013). Montezuma (then tlatoani of Tenochtitlan) brings the chocolate in Europe first and   introduced by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, toxocolatl in the 16th century (Burleigh, 2002). West Africa is the highest cocoa producing region of the world and they produce about two third of cooca, and Ivory Cost produce 43% of entire world cocoa (Ariyoshi, 2007).

1. Supply Chain Management and Information Share
To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and maximise customer value there have to have an active management of supply. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and run...

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Cocoa Producing countries:
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