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Lexie Desmarais
Chef Ouellete
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7 January 2015

Chocolate essay
Chocolate is… Well when you think about chocolate you have a joy feeling, and it’s exciting. Not all chocolate is wonderful though, there are many different kinds of chocolate and depending on the type of person you are not all chocolates are enjoyable. You can tell a differences of chocolate by the appearance, smell, texture, flavor, and especially the percent of coca in a chocolate. The coca plays a very important role in chocolate. Coca is cocoa butter and powder mixed which is cocoa solids and it all comes from the cocoa beans, usually found near the equator. In my experiment of tasting and telling differences between chocolates I found the important role coca plays.

The difference coca made with 90%-85% coca in a chocolate. The 90% coca was very dark and dull compared to the 85% that was slightly lighter, less dull than the 90% one. The smells for both the 90% and 85% were similar except the 90% chocolate smelled very dull of chocolate just like black coffee as was the taste also, in the 85% coca it was still hardly any smell of chocolate but very mild and the test was more sugary until the black coffee after taste. The texture of all the chocolates felt the same in my hands but in my mouth it was the hardness or easiness of how the chocolate melted, the 90% chocolate did not really melt it was snappy an di had the chew it to break it down, the 85% chocolate started to melt a little bit but I still had to bite to break it down. Now which chocolate would you prefer? Even though the 90%-85% coca wasn’t much of a difference in the amount of coca, it made a difference in taste, but how much of a difference will 70% coca to the 85%-90% make? Now with less coca the chocolate is starting to look like the average Hershey’s bar we get from any store worldwide. Now there’s less coca I get more of a milk chocolate smell but it’s only a little stronger than the 85% coca....
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