Chocolate Consumption Pattern in India

Topics: Chocolate / Pages: 8 (1979 words) / Published: Mar 2nd, 2013
Research Scholar, Sathyabama University & Asst.Prof. Deptartment of Management of Studies Jeppiaar Engineering College Vijayalakshmi M
Research Scholar, Anna University & Asst.Prof. Department of Management Studies
Jeppiaar Engineering College Dr.S.Ramachandran Professor & Director,Department of Management Studies ,
Sri Sankara Arts and Science college, Chennai Abstract: Customer opinion is a belief about matters commonly considered to be subjective, i.e., it is based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. The main aim of the study is to know about the customer preference regarding the chocolate consumption pattern and attributes that emphasis in preferring a particular brand with respect to Chennai city.The study focused on various factors like (1) The most preferred chocolate.(2) The reason for consuming chocolate (3) The factor influencing to buy chocolate (4) the most preferred brand by customers. The number of samples collected by the researcher is 97 customers, who were consumers of sugar-free chocolates. The study was conducted in Chennai city. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The study concluded that in today’s world youngsters go for branded products and the most preferred brand from the study happens to be Cadbury. Youngsters like to consume chocolates at anytime irrespective whether they are happy or distress. Chocolate occupy as the major part of gift during occasions (Diwali,Raksha Bandhanetc) in India.. They spend a part of the expenditure in buying Chocolates. Nowadays, doctors suggest taking dark chocolates are good for heart and it nourishes the energy of mind and body.

Keywords: Customer opinion, Chocolates, preferred brand, youngsters, Dark chocolates.

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