Choco Candy Venture

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Business Plan (Chocolate candies)
For Small and medium entreprise

The business concept:
“The chocolate industry offers a wide variety of opportunities for the small business owner, weathers economic recession well and is growing despite increased health-consciousness and calorie counting. Growth will be driven by population growth as well as expansion into new markets, product innovation and rising disposable income levels leading to greater purchasing of premium offerings. Chocolate is wildly popular for individual consumption, gift giving and cooking. Due to the dominance of large-scale production dynasties, franchises and small businesses tend to focus on unique or specialty items or services. Unique chocolates may be from a region famous for a particular technique, baked on-site or offer a different take on tradition, while specialty services tend to focus on gift-packaging or delivery. The wholesale candy industry has gone through so many changes in the last 50 years it is incredible. The industry has evolved from many small players in the early1960's and 1970's to a much smaller set of mid sized to huge wholesale candy suppliers. Manufactures are also much stricter with the criteria needed to buy direct. The industry consolidation has also required the wholesale candy supplier to carry a broad product base. This is required as customers are looking for one stop shopping. Many wholesale candy companies are being bought by the larger ones,are forced out of business or if lucky can find a niche area to play in.Adding to the industry pressures are wholesale candy price increases. While candy prices have continued to increase over the last few years in 2007 and 2008,customers are often very price conscious and demanding. The chocolate consumption in Romania has recorded a constant growth trend during the last 3 years,at the present being estimated at 130 million Euro.In 2003 the annual chocolate consumption in Romania recorded the level of about 1 kg of chocolate per capita(an increase by about 23% compared to 2002,and at the present is of 1.5 kg of chocolate per capita.This level is much lower compared to other European countries (4.5 kg in Poland and Greece and 12 kg in Switzerland) but is foreseen to continue its growing trend in the following years,due to different factors such as the increase of purchasing power,standard living and population growth.” The concept of our business came when we were at one trip in Austria,visiting popular local candies shops,and the question was:Why don’t we have a business like this in our country,as there is a huge potential? Also there were many reasons,that a factory like a chocolate candy one was the missing piece on the shields of Auchan and Carrefour.Those are: * The lack of national made chocolate candies on the market * The presence and high success of foreign chocolate candies such as: FERRERO ROCHER; RAFFAELLO;BACCIO;MERCI; * This business does not involve a very high investment cost * The high prices for foreign products

* Our passion for chocolate products
Marketing Planning

The consumer will favour those products that offer most quality performance and innovative features. So according to this as candies is a product which keeps on changing with innovative features. This concept also totally devotes itself to providing varied features in the product so as to sell more. We will try to focus on making superior products and improving them overtime. PROMOTION OF THE PRODUCT

* Free advertising
One of the easiest ways to promote the business is with free advertising. Free advertising is available in many locations and on the Internet. The key to making free advertising work is that the advertisement has to be eye catching. We also need to use key words that will make the reader want to buy our product. For example, we could indicate on our advertisement that our chocolate treats are homemade delicacies that leave...
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