Chitral Vocational Training Case Study

Topics: Learning, Skill, Training Pages: 3 (451 words) Published: April 15, 2015

Case Study: Sabira Bibi Persistance and perserverence always yield results

Sabira Bibi is from Chinar village in Mastuj, Upper Chitral. She got married in 1994 at the young age of 16 to Gulistan Khan who was then employed in the Chitral Scouts. As her husband was much older, he retired in 2003 but they were able to meet their monthly expenses since they owned land. In 2008, tragedy stuck the family when the Yarkhoon river washed away their home and all 8 kanals of their cultivable land. Sabira Bibi and her family moved in with her husband’s brother but living on her husband’s 5000 rupee pension was proving to be difficult. Sabira bibi felt very helpless as she was not able to complete her education and also felt that livelihood opportunities are limited for women as the community does not accept women working outside their home. Sabira Bibi has made sure all her daughters are enrolled in school, her eldest daughter is currently completing B.Com and the rest are in middle and secondary school. She told us they are excellent in their studies and she would like all of them to go to college. When Sabira bibi learnt that vocational training on local embroidery and handicraft production for 25 women was being offered by FIDA in Mastuj, she thought it would be a good way of utilizing her existing skills in local embroidery. When she initially applied for a position in the training her application was rejected as she did not meet the minimum education criteria as participants were expected to read and write. Sabira bibi met with her local community organization members as she was very upset and wanted them to consider her as a special case. FIDA’s team then called her for a second interview and realized she was very skilled in local embroidery. Sabira bibi took part in the one month training and learnt how to use her embroidery skills to make small handicraft products like book marks and pencil cases. Before the training, Sabira bibi was able to make...
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