Chiropractic Work: The Safe Choice

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Argumentative Research Paper Final Draft
1 Dec. 2010
Chiropractic Work: The Safe Choice
“Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.” –Hippocrates, 460-377 BC. If a Greek physician could make this statement over 2300 years ago, why is it such an under-exposed theory today? As stated in Chiropractic First, written by Dr. Rondberg, a chiropractor of 35 years and founder of the “Chiropractic Journal,” Hippocrates “believed that only nature could heal and it was the physician’s duty to remove any obstruction that would prevent the body from healing” (8-9). These “physicians” are called chiropractors today, and their goal is to remove subluxations, the displacement of two or more spinal disks that causes pressure or irritates the spinal cord, and allow the nervous system to do its job. When the nervous system is unblocked, many advantages are in place for the body, allowing medicine intake to be reduced and vaccines avoided. Although many people are unsure about chiropractic work, Dr. Michael McClung, owner of Creating Wellness Chiropractic in Austin, TX, proves its validity by saying, “Literally thousands of health studies including research by the U.S. government have shown that chiropractic is beneficial in maximizing health, boosting immunity, relieving the symptoms of sickness and disease, and restoring normal function back to the body” (1). Chiropractic work is a smart choice and safer and healthier alternative to medicine in certain cases because it can improve basic body functions, is a great option for preventing many diseases and should take the place of some medicine use, and can replace harmful vaccines.

It has been shown that chiropractic work can improve the basic body functions. First, it leads to correct spine curvature. After adjustment, the subluxated vertebrae are freed from their incorrect positions. The body then causes the spine to shape itself and nerve supply returns to normal (Rondberg 20). Another huge issue related to correct spine curvature is the correct spacing between the vertebrae and the blocking of “messages” between the brain and the nervous system. To show this point, Dr. Ben Lerner, author and “America’s Maximized Living Mentor,” talks about the actions of synapses in his book One Minute Wellness. A synapse is a small gap between two nerves, or neurons, “through which information is transmitted.” This information is what our brain tells our body to do, from natural bodily activities to basic muscle movement (177). Chiropractic work allows for mechanical activity to create more and more of these synapses because it rids the body of blockages such as subluxations. To show the advantages of having more synapses connecting the body’s neurons, a 1985 study done at the University of California at Berkeley was published in a journal called Experimental Neurology. The research entailed the study of the brain of Albert Einstein and eleven other adult male brains that were observed for differences (Lerner 179). It was observed that Einstein’s brain and the others observed had the same number of neurons; however, Einstein’s brain had more synapses on his neurons, meaning the neurons would be more effective at relaying messages from the brain. In the end, a connection between more synapses and “increased human potential” can be seen (Lerner 179). Second, when a normal nerve supply is in place, the body’s healing power is at its best. For example, according to Dr. Pete Wurdemann, who received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1994, things as simple as healing from a cut, indigestion, irregularity, and muscle and joint pain can be fixed by this (Wurdemann). Improvement may also be seen in areas of flexibility and strength, which prompted our hockey team to make a deal with Dr. Wurdemann to get unlimited adjustments throughout the season to help prevent and recover from injuries. Dr. Wurdemann first took X-rays of our necks...

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