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FAQs About Learner’s Permits
& Junior Operator Licenses
Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)
Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

July 2012

General Information
1. A Summary of Junior Operator License (JOL) Requirements
2. Accident Rates for Young Drivers
3. Permit Holder 18 or Over Must be Accompanied by License Holder 21 or Over 4. Parent Need Not Personally Supervise Additional 40 Hours of Driving (30 hours if the junior operator completes a driver skills development program)

5. Restrictions on Learner’s Permit Holder
6. Meaning of “Clean Driving Record”
7. Measuring the Six Month Period for a “Clean Driving Record” 8. Seat Belt Violation: Effect on “Clean Driving Record” 9. Converting a Learner’s Permit from Another State
10. Converting an Out-of-State Driver Education Certificate
11. Scheduling a Road Test Before End of Six-Month Learner’s Permit Period 12. Road Test Fee
13. Number of Road Tests is Limited
14. No Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles by LP or JOL Holder 15. Getting a Class M License
16. Class D and M Permits Together

Junior Operator License Phase


Q & A Index

Learner’s Permit Phase

No JOL Issued Before 16 1/2
Penalty for Violation of Passenger Restriction
Who Are “Immediate Family Members”?
No Passenger Restriction Exemption for JOL Driver Car-Pooling to School Police Officer knows if JOL holder is subject to the “Passenger Restriction” Parent Must Accompany JOL Holder between 12:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. Parent of JOL Holder Need Not be Licensed ...Exception

Time Restriction Violation Treated as Secondary Offense During Certain Hours “Enhanced Penalty” for Speeding or Racing Violations
Penalty for Breath Test Failure or Breath Test Refusal by a Motor Vehicle Operator Under the Age of 18. “Enhanced Penalties” for JOL Criminal Violations
No Converting an Out-of-State License if Under 16 1/2
Converting an Out-of-State License if 16 1/2-18
Massachusetts JOL Law Not Applicable to Non-Residents
Driving on a JOL in Other States
Non-Resident Student with Out-of-State License
Massachusetts Motorcycle Licensees Subject to JOL Law
Loss of JOL for Alcohol/Drug Related Violations (Even if Not Operating a Motor Vehicle) Loss of Driving Privileges for Use of False License/ID to Obtain Alcohol “Enhanced Penalty” for JOL Violation Applies Even if Holder Not Convicted Until After Turning 18 JOL Suspensions Extend Beyond Age 18

Junior Operators Not Allowed to Use Cell Phones While Driving

For information on suspensions and other penalties for violations committed by Junior Operators, see the charts at the end of this document.

FAQs About Learner’s Permits
& Junior Operator Licenses
General The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)
The “Junior Operator License (JOL) Law” [generally, Sections 8 and 8B of Chapter 90 of Massachusetts General Laws] requires the state’s youngest drivers to have more experience behind the wheel before a road test can be taken. The law is a “graduated license law” in that a new, young driver starts out with restrictions that are removed as the driver advances from the “learner’s permit” phase through the “junior operator license” phase into a “full license.” A JOL provides for restrictions for a period of time after the junior operator license is obtained and provides “enhanced penalties” for certain motor vehicle offenses committed by junior operators, such as speeding and racing and those involving alcohol or drugs. Operators over the age of 18 but under the age of 21 are also subject to special penalties if alcohol or drugs are involved. A driver ceases to be a junior operator when he or she turns age 18, although penalties will still apply for offenses committed while a junior operator. The questions and answers contained in this material were prepared by the Legal Counsel's Office...
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