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Part I: Brand Inventory – Company View
History and Corporate vision
Inspired by authentic ingredients and the economic model of one local taqueria store in San-Francisco, Steve Ells began to open the first Chipotle store in 1993 at a former Dolly Madison ice cream location near University of Denver campus. The first Chipotle was a wide success. After two years since the first Chipotle opened, Steve added the second and third Chipotle locations. In 1996, Chipotle Denver area restaurant opened. Following the extraordinary successes, Chipotle was able to invite more outside investors to expand the scale of production to give way for the Chipotle’s openings outside of Colorado: Minneapolis, MN, Columbus and OH. After Steve visited some individual local farms, he found out pigs were raised in air-opening area as opposed to the way majority of pigs were raised. So he decided to dg pork and chicken naturally. Chipotle went public on New York Exchange in 2006. After that, Chipotle still kept focusing on providing the most authentic and healthy ingredients within each burrito. His techniques to provide best eating experience for customers and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. Driven by its main vision “Food with Integrity” -which is to serve the food made with ingredients that serve the best for animals, environments and farmers, Chipotle is still following it and making progress year by year. By 2010, 75 million pounds of meat is naturally raised in a human way without given any antibiotics or added hormones. Besides naturally raised animals and providing fresh meat, we expect to increase the percentage of our cheese and sour cream made with milk from pasture-raised cows. We will continue following our vision and improve our business performances by strengthening our economic models and expanding restaurant margins.

Menu and Food Preparation

Chipotle serves only a five things: burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and salads. But because customers can choose from four different meats, two types of beans and a variety of extras such as salsas, guacamole, cheese and lettuce, there’s enough variety it. In addition, Chipotle started to offer Kid’s Menu in 2009 to attract more families to their restaurants. Food With Integrity: Chipotle wants to keep a simple menu so that they can concentrate on where they obtain each ingredient, and this has become an integral part in their effort of providing high quality food. For example, as of December 31, 2010, all of Chipotle’s restaurants served carnitas made with naturally raised pork, as well as barbacoa made with naturally raised beef. Also as of December 31, 2010, about 80% of Chipotle restaurants served naturally raised steak and about 86% of our restaurants served naturally raised chicken. Naturally raised meat is defined by Chipotle as the meat coming from animals that are fed a pure vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics or hormones, and raised humanely. Chipotle said that its definition is stricter than the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s standard for naturally raised marketing claims. “In preparing our food, we use stoves and grills, pots and pans, cutting knives, wire whisks and other kitchen utensils, walk-in refrigerators stocked with a variety of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices and dry goods such as rice. Ingredients we use include chicken and steak that is marinated and grilled in our restaurants, carnitas to prepare our meats and vegetables. We also provide a variety of extras such as guacamole, salsas and tortilla chips seasoned with fresh lime and kosher salt. In addition to sodas, fruit drinks and organic milk, most of our restaurants also offer a selection of beer and margaritas. Our food is prepared from scratch, with the majority prepared in our restaurants while some is prepared with the same fresh ingredients in commissaries.

Marketing Mix

Chipotle is best known for its large burritos, which are wrapped in foil paper and...
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