Topics: Rodent, Omnivore, Chipmunk Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Chipmunk Ecology Paper
By: Ryan Quinn


Chipmunks, among the lower end of the food chain, are omnivores. They eat grains, nuts, berries, seeds, mushrooms, insects, and salamanders but also run into competition along the way. Chipmunks are also hunted by animals that are natural habitants to this region. However, my mom and I started putting out birdseed constantly for animals to feed off of. The birdseed that we put out helps them because not too many other animals, besides birds, eat it. Although chipmunks are considered pests and bothersome, they actually help the environment by spreading seeds throughout the area. Chipmunks actually play an important role in the local eco system because they could potentially provide habitats for thousands of organisms. People consider the chipmunks to be bothersome rodents, and try to eliminate them because they are an inconvenience. Chipmunks often eat the birdseed that people put out for the birds. People generally don’t like the greediness of the chipmunks so they will try to eliminate the pests. Another reason why chipmunks are such an inconvenience, is because the ones that don’t make nests in trees or bushes will make burrows in the ground which sometimes goes directly under a house. The last reason why chipmunks are considered a nuisance is because they spread seeds all around the area. People don’t like this because they don’t like plants randomly popping up in unwanted places. In order to prevent these things, people usually make it so the chipmunks cant get to the birdseed by putting Vaseline on the pole up to the bird feeder or putting some kind of rodent repelling solution in the area that they don’t want the chipmunks in. These solutions or rodent repellents can sometimes harm the chipmunks and result in their health being negatively affected. Some people will even set up traps to eliminate the chipmunks entirely. Instead of setting up traps or putting out rodent...

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