Ching Chang Chong the Story of the Asians

Topics: World War II / Pages: 2 (492 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2013
today we are going to be reviewing a half life 2 modification called resistance and liberation. This game is supposed to be some kind of world war two combat simulator. At the start you have the choice between two teams, the Germans and the Americans. The common German soldier is armed with a shity bolt action piece of garbage that your grandfather likely served with in the First World War. While the Americans have their fancy pantsy shiny new semi automatic superior rifle. So right off the bat, the two teams are un even, but I guess it adds to realism. Well at least its better than battlefield 1943, which gave the Japanese soldiers reskinned m1 garands to keep the teams fair. Yea, you see this? Its an m1 garand right ? huh? No. THIS is an m1 garand that thing is a type 5. Whats a type 5 you ask? Well it was a real Japanese rifle, but only 250 were made, and they were never put into service. I thought you were supposed to be making a history game EA. Anyways, each team has different squads, and those squads are composed of different units. These units can usually compose of a squad leader, or nco, a support gunner armed with an automatic machine gun, a rifleman, and possibly a sniper. The standard rifle man has two hand grenades (which are nearly impossible to use by the way) and their rifle. The support gunners have there machine gun and pistol, and the officer/nco has a submachine gun, a pistol, grenades, smoke grenades, and a detailed map. The nco has an important task and there is only one, but since this is a video game, unfortunately no qualifications are required to be an nco which means many unqualified dip shits will take the class because they want an automatic, and cause your squad to be a dysfunctional mess. Another thing is the communication system. When you speak on the mic, your voice is broadcasted from your player and only people within a certain distance can hear you. The enemy can hear you as well, so unnecessary conversation can get you

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