A Chinese Technology Company for Sale

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Global Entrepreneurship

Case study

QI-TECH: A Chinese Technology Company for Sale

Name: Choi Ying Kai

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Date edited: 11-11-2007

Case background:

QI-TECH, a Chinese manufacturer of precision Coordinate Measurement Machines, is a joint venture established by Indiver BV, a Dutch aircraft engine manufacturer and a Chinese state-owned enterprise QQMF. Looking for a strategic exit, Indiver BV, which holds 50% of QI-TECH, must negotiate a sale with its Chinese partner and a potential buyer, Brown & Sharpe. For this purpose Roger Kollbrunner, the Business Development Manager at Indivers BV, has to develop a viable deal structure and negotiation strategy.


What are the objectives of different parties on the sellers' side? Specifically, what are the objectives of Indivers? Of QI-TECH's local management? Of QQMF? Of Roger Kollbrunner?

Below we state different parties' objectives:

Indivers initially expected at least a 20% annualized return on the investment in QI-TECH. However, QI-TECH currently failed to deliver adequate return (11%) and Indivers lacked the capabilities to further support its technology level and marketing network. Therefore, they are looking for a strategic exit to retrieve capital yet find another good-fit partner for QI-TECH.

QI-TECH's local management was looking for a future partner that understands Chinese management style and can get along well with them. They worried the new partner might impose their foreign management style particularly with the loss of stakes of QQMF.

QQMF were seeking for further support in technology, marketing know-how and capital from their new partner, in order to improve their operation efficiency and financial outlook. This was because, according to the guidelines of the Communist Party's latest 5-year plan, Beijing could force a major restructuring or shutdown on QQMF if performance is unfavorable.

The sale is part of Roger Kollbrunner's job in managing some portfolio of Indivers to achieve higher overall financial return. He decided to sell QI-TECH to exit and find a stronger CMM partner with stronger CMM technology base and marketing network.

What is the value of Indivers' stake in QI-TECH?

Indivers held a 50% stake in QI-TECH, i.e. 50% of its book value in 1998, $3.266m, which is equivalent to $1.133m.

What negotiation strategy should Kollbrunner and Li pursue in their negotiations with Brown & Sharpe (the potential buyer)? What price should they ask for?

They should pursue an interest-based bargaining, i.e. maintain a cooperative attitude and strive to create mutually beneficial outcomes. Since the two parties have different objectives toward joint venture, they should listen to each other's expectations on issues like ownership transfer, technology transfer, manufacturing and marketing assistance as well as management style adopted before deciding on the sales price. It would be unwise to use soft or hard negotiation as both sides' bargaining powers are comparable and pleasant partnership is desired.

The valuation of the company should be double of its book value, i.e. $6.466m. The price is set as high due to the significant market growth rate of Chinese CMM industry. This brought about many potential buyers and favored the price to go up. Also, it is obvious Brown & Sharpe desired to become the market leader in China and exploit the advantage of low manufacturing costs in China and QI-TECH is the best candidate for them. This gave them the pressure to close the deal. Moreover, the Chinese government would probably oppose to a deal without fair return. As a result, Brown & Sharpe would be very careful in the negotiation process and thus Indivers were able to reach for a higher price and also attempt to create more values before closing the deals.

What concerns might Phil James, VP of Brown & Sharpe's CMM division, have? How can the seller mitigate these concerns?

Phil James may...
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