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attachmentPlease pick ONE of the topics given below:
Please explain the meaning of <Three Perfection>.
Please explain with the aesthetic theory and achievements of two famous literati artists in Chinese art history. Discuss the development of Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times in China or overseas. Describe the main features of Beijing Opera and explain why it is popular to general audience. Please discuss the special interaction between the actors on stage and the audience during the performance. attchment HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" Cancel order5m

Development of tea from the Tang Dynasty age to present day

Tea is a very common beverage all around the world. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world from water. Tea drinking is of great importance in the Chinese culture. An old Chinese saying says that the basic daily necessities are; oil, salt, rice, fuel, soy sauce, tea and vinegar. Chinese tea culture refers to the methods used to prepare tea, the occasions during which it is prepared and the equipment used to prepare the tea. The tea culture in china differs a lot from that in other parts of the world such as Europe, Japan and Britain. Tea in China is consumed during...

References: Joliffe, L. 2007. Tea and tourism tourists, traditions and transformations. Channel View Publications. Clevedon U.K.
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