Chinese Mythology

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Chinese mythology

Chinese mythology is a term used to describe the cultural heritage, such as legends and folk tales of China. It charms people from all over the world because it represents truly exclusive treasure among all other mythologies. Moreover, it became a part of Chinese history. So it is impossible to imagine China without its mythology because it is the basis of all social, political and spiritual life. There are three fundamental influences on Chinese mythology: Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. Confucianism holds rationalism in high esteem that is why Chinese written records are absolutely factual. Contrary to it, Daoism and Buddhism are more rational than spiritual world-views. Daoism teaches about harmony with nature and balance in the life. Buddhism preaches about spiritual purity and compassion. All these impacts developed Chinese mythology and religion.(Shone ) Main myths in every mythology are myths about creation of the world and mankind. Even children heard about Chinese tales about creation because these plots became a basis of many cartoons. According to Chinese legend, there was nothing in the beginning of the universe but formless chaos. The hero Pangu, who had been sleeping in this chaos for 18 thousand years, woke up. He broke up the chaos with his giant axe and created the sky and the earth. After the process of creation, he thought that his work is done and decided to have a rest. Different parts of his body became things from the nature: his breath transformed into cloud and wind, voice – into thunder, eyes – into the sun and the moon, hair – into stars, blood – into lakes and rivers, bones – into various minerals, his sweat – into the rain and his fur became grasslands and forests. ( That is how the world started to exist. What about creation of mankind, a goddess Nüwa created it. Chinese lore tells that she existed from the beginning of the world and...

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