Chinese Management Culture versus Turkish Management Culture

Topics: Tang Dynasty, China, Song Dynasty Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: January 10, 2014
Turkish culture affected by many different cultures for centuries.Especially,Turks lived in Middle Asia so many years with their neighbor country which is China.So they interacted each other and affected their cultures,religions and goes on.And now,when we examine Turkish culture , we can stil see that so many similarities with Chiniese culture.

Firstly,both of Chinese people and Turks believed ancestor cult and shamanism.Because of these beliefs they give so important their family and ancestors.They full of respect for ancestors and family and care them.So individualism did not opportunity to improve in these folks,both of these folks have collectivist culture.

Being developed country,intercommunal trust is so important.People can share their opinion because they do not afraid of stealing their opinions by someone.Also,these people are more creative and innovatior.Friedman asked that question :”Why China do not anything except combine İphone pieces even they found out paper,memorandum and gunpowder ?” and he explained this stiuation with low society trust.Likely,in Turkey people do not trust each other.

When we examine profile of Turkish manager and Chinese manager , both of the managers have paternalistic property.They responsible for their employees.They manage their employees with strict rules but at the same time they act like father and manage smoothly.

In China,decision making mechanism is centralized like a Turkey management.Bosses make decision and employee perform these decisions.Generally,bosses do not give opportunity to add somethings on these decisions or change to their employees.Employees choose in a harmony and do not want to disrespect their boss.Also,competitiveness is unallowable for both of these culture.An average ability and experiment and be conformist employee are enough get good job.

Naturally ,...
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